Wrestling Cares Results, Race for the Ring Semifinals – December 7, 2013

Hello and welcome wrestling fans to the wrestlingcares.com! The headquarters for southern California’s alternative in professional wrestling, and your number one source for any and all WCA news! Here are the results from our explosive Race for the Ring semi-finals in Culver City.

Match One: Forever Hooligans DEF the Ballard Brothers in the 1st Round of the Golden State Tag Team Trophy Tournament.

The night’s pace was set with this tag team action. With Rocky Romero and Alex Kozlov taking on Shane and Shannon Ballard in this action packed match. With solid mat wrestling to kick off the match, Romero picked up the pace with his aerial techniques and tagged Kozlov for double team offense. Soon after the Ballards isolated Alex and began punishing him, unable to reach his partner. Not long after Shane and Shannon went for double team offense and were blind-sided by Rocky who got the blind tag from Alex. Romero cuts off their offense with a high flying kick and clotheslined one of the Ballards for the pin-fall.

Match Two: Drake Younger DEF DJ Hyde in a Zero Tolerance Rules Match.

WCA official Jay Stone reiterates to the competitors that the match can end on pin-fall, submission or count out but immediate DQ for any rule infraction whatsoever. DJ attempts to bully Drake around using his size advantage, only for Drake to return the favor by taking Hyde down and bombards him with slaps to the back of the head. After the two lock up, DJ Hyde delivers a blind punch behind the official’s back. Drake rallies with a half nelson throw and kick for a near pin-fall. Drake takes to the ropes but DJ chases behind him and when Drake spins hits his adversary with a spear for a near fall. Hyde grabs Drake and goes for a submission. Drake fights back, nails several offensive clotheslines, and scores a near fall. Drake goes for the Killswitch but DJ powers out and hits a suplex for another two-count. Hyde calls for his finisher but Younger counters and hits ‘Drakes Landing’ for the 3-count and the victory.

Match Three: Oliver John and Timothy Thatcher DEF Ryan Taylor and Scorpio Sky in 1st Round of the Golden State Tag Team Trophy Tournament.

Oliver takes down Taylor for a cross arm breaker, only for Taylor to reverse the maneuver into a Boston Crab and Oliver powered like a beast before chasing Taylor across the ring and missing with a palm strike. Taylor’s isolated from Sky Thatcher and John frequent tags. After Taylor finally gets away, he makes the tag to Sky and he delivers a menacing backbreaker to John. Without much time to recuperate on the outside, Taylor comes off the top rope with a double stomp, with John getting the boot up. Once Sky is pushed out by the WCA official, Taylor runs into a devastating powerslam by Oliver John for the pin-fall.

Match Four: Johnny Gargano DEF “Greek God” Papadon in the semi-finals Race for the Ring Semi-Finals, 2-1.

A great exchange leads to the first fall and Papadon scores it with a brainbuster. Nearly going up for a second pin with a flying uppercut off the middle rope, Gargano begins to bleed from the nose after the uppercut. Gargano fights back and hits a spear from the apron through the ropes for a near pin. Papadon begins to become cocky in the competition, only for Johnny to turn the tables after a failed clothesline turns into a reversal roll up and evened score at 10:30. Papadon immediately back on the offense, tries desperately to stop Gargano. Johnny takes over with a high pace offense and near falls. After trying to stop his opponent with a pile driver, Papadon only gets a near fall. The GreekGod sets up Gargano for a brainbuster, put Johnny shifts his weight to drop behind, O’Connor with a bridge and wins the second pin-fall, with only seconds left to spare in the 15-minute match.

Match Five: Katarina Leigh DEF Tracy Taylor in the Ladies Beat the Champ Series Semi-Final, 2-1.

Tracy starts off aggressively and surprises Leigh with a pin-fall almost immediately after the bell. Katarina takes charge and the power back in the match, only for Taylor to come back with her offense and slow the champion down. Leigh catches Tracy with a snap neckbreaker and evens the score. Katarina becomes more aggressive as she battles out of near pins from Taylor and hits a full body press for the victory.

Match Six: Forever Hooligans vs Timothy Thatcher & Oliver John in the Golden State Tag Team Trophy Tournament Final, ending in a no contest.

The match started out with Thatcher and Romero aggressively taking each other on in a mat competition. Once Romero tried to pick up the pace by landing an O’Connor roll on Thatcher, John makes a blind tag to break up the pin. Moments later, Kozlov tags into the competition. Oliver John puts Kozlov into a submission maneuver while Romero pushes the bottom rope so Alex can reach it. After Romero breaks up a pin-fall attempt, Thatcher comes in and shoves him out. As the official puts Thatcher pack into his corner, John takes control of Kozlov and Romero proceeds to kick Oliver in the back of the head. The official turns around to count the pin-fall.

After the match Les Thatcher and Nigel McGuiness make their way to the ring. The decision is made to reverse the decision and hold up the trophy for a return in January featuring the first tag team match ever under Race for the Ring rules.

Match Seven: Adam Cole DEF Steve Anthony in the Race for the Ring Semi-Finals, 2-1 in Sudden Death Overtime.

This action packed competition picked up from the start. Cole hits his Shining Wizard at the four minute mark, to secure the first pin. Cole presses the advantage and tries the Florida Key while Anthony counters with a forward roll up for a near pin-fall. The two competitors have an adrenaline filled battle where Anthony tries his famous 450 splash, Cole moves and hits the ropes. While Anthony lands on his feet and rolls through, meets Adam with a superkick and German suplex to even out the score at nine minutes into the match. Anthony catches up in score, but after multiple near falls time runs out of the 10-minute competition and we go into overtime. The overtime period is non stop and accelerated. Cole gets the advantage and tries to land the Florida Key, while Anthony breaks it with his knee. Keeping up with the momentum, Anthony hits his 450 splash with Adam barely kicking out in time. Anthony belly to back suplexes Cole, only to have his Adam Cole’s shoulders come up a split second before the three-count, leaving Anthony with his shoulders still on the mat. Adam Cole edges by the King of the 450 in a tense Semi-Final.

We are set for Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano on January 18th in Gardena, CA. See you all there for Final Round of the Race for the Ring Tournament!

Written by Brandi Mendez
Photos by Richard Strickland