Wrestling Cares Results, Race for the Ring Finals – January 18th, 2014

WCA Final Round Results (January 18, 2014) – by Brandi Mendez
Photos by: Richard Strickland (Strick’s Pix) & Lance Kramer

Hello wrestling fans and welcome back to WrestlingCares.com!  Thank you so much for all of your continued support throughout the Race for the Ring tournament.  The finals competition in the Race for the Ring was an absolute success and we couldn’t have done any of that without you!  Here are the results from the fantastic event!

Match 1:  Aaron Aguilera def. Brian Cage

Aguilera made his WCA return taking on Cage in a regular match that was set for one fall to the finish.  The men tested one another’s strength when they locked up and neither competitor could overpower the other.  After some back and forth action, Aaron hit a standing spin kick. Cage landed a dropkick to the knee and a spiral from a seated position. After landing a vertical suplex, Cage went to the top rope, only to be stopped by Aguilera, who cut him off and successfully landed a top rope maneuver. Brian fought back with a fierce kick to the midsection and then hit a reverse slam for a near fall. Aguilera countered with a back elbow and then hit an offensive maneuver for a near fall. Cage briefly comes back again but Aguilera drills him with a boot to the face followed by a Tiger Driver for the win.


Match 2:  Les Thatcher’s Ladies Beat the Champ Series Final – Katarina Leigh def. Melissa Anderson 4-3

Melissa started off the match up with intense aggression, but missed a charge into the corner and Leigh rolled her up for a three count to take a 1-0 lead. Anderson became angry and took Katarina down to tie up the score immediately to 1-1. Melissa continued to bring punishment to the ladies champion, while in the corner and Katarina hit an elbow drop after a takedown. Melissa landed a Samoan Drop to take a 2-1 lead with 6:02 left in the match. After losing some control, Katarina slowed down Melissa with a jawbreaker.  Leigh scored a near fall soon after and she finally tied up the competition with 2-2 at the 4:17 mark. Melissa missed a leap off the top rope and Katarina hit her with her famous spinning backbreaker that has led to the downfall of her past opponents.  Leigh scored the pin and gained the lead with 3-2 at 3:33 left. After an attempt to get her opponent into a Boston Crab, Anderson fought back and  was able to counter with a roll up to tie up the competition with 2:13 left. With one  minute to go, the fierce competitors started brawling and Melissa picked up Katarina for the Kryptonite Krunch holding her up with enough time to expires so she can ensure the victory.  The ladies champion countered into a sunset flip, but Melissa sits down with time running out,  Katarina is able to counter that by snatching her opponent’s shoulders with her legs and scoring the final fall as time runs out.


Match 3: “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy def. “The Certified Tough Guy” Brandon Gatson and Willie Mack in a triple threat match.

In the first WCA triple threat, the three competitors started off with a wild exchange and Gatson hit a big dive on Mack and B-Boy. Brandon rolled Willie back into the ring for a near fall. B-Boy hit a shining wizard and Willie recovered taking out both men with a series of adrenaline-filled clotheslines.  Mack and Gatson traded blows in the corner with Willie scoring with hard chops. Willie then caught Gatson on a high cross body attempt, attempted to powerbomb him but was countered with an offensive maneuver.  Willie scores with a flying kick on Brandon and B-Boy scores with a flying forearm to Willie.  Gatson then locked B-Boy into a submission. Mack broke up the submission and sent B-Boy airborne with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Brandon hit Willie with a scissors kick and a handspring splash into the corner. B-Boy followed the “Certified tough guy” and splashed both men into the corner.  B-Boy scores a near fall on Willie with a reverse DDT. Gatson landed a Diamond Cutter on B-Boy and then a springboard Diamond Cutter on Willie for a near fall.  After jumping on B-Boy for a near fall, Willie grabbed B-Boy in a fireman’s carry and stacked up Gatson for a double Samoan Drop for a near fall. After a counter Willie was tossed to the outside and B-Boy landed on Gatson for the fall before Willie can recover and get back into the ring.


Match 4:  Adam Page def. Adam Pearce

During the introductions, Pearce knocked Page unconscious with the Lariat and began taunting the fans. He proceeded to roll Page into the ring and the WCA official refused to count because the match hadn’t officially started yet.  Page starts to fire back with shots and the referee calls for the bell.  Pearce dominated Page in the corner.  While Pearce taunted and yelled at Page, he fought back and knocked Pearce to the floor, then lands a dive from the second turnbuckle to the outside on Pearce.  Page, still reeling from the early attack, Pearce beat him back into the ring. Page barely beats the count before firing up again and now turned the tables on Pearce.  After scoring a near fall after a powerslam, Pearce begged for mercy.  Page again firing up and nailing Pearce in the corner, Pearce turned the tables again with a back elbow counter to a charge into the corner. After going up top, Page cut him off again and nailed a flying kick that sent Pearce to the outside. Pearce swept out Page’s legs from underneath him, causing Page to crash to the apron.  Pearce rolled Page back into the ring for a near fall.  Page again countered his epic opponent by knocking him off the top and Pearce recovers to try for another suplex.  Fighting back again, Pearce fell right onto the top rope. Page nailed a flying DDT from the top and scores the three-count.


Match 5: Oliver John & Timothy Thatcher def. Rocky Romero & Joey Ryan in the Golden State Tag Team Title Match

* After being announced earlier in the evening that Alex Kozlov from the Forever Hooligans would not be competing due to a concussion, Joey Ryan replaced Kozlov in the Golden State Tag Team Title Match.

Held under tournament rules, a 10-minute time limit and a save rule was instituted.  The first time you save your partner from a pinfall a warning will be given, the second save will result in a disqualification. Early on John and Thatcher isolated Romero in their corner. After getting away from his opponents, John attempted a knee bar on Romero with him getting back to the ropes. Thatcher grabbed Romero by the arm after a quick tag but Rocky once again successfully made it back to the ropes.  After a short time, he made the tag to Ryan.  Joey backed Thatcher into the corner and tagged in Rocky.  He sped up the pace of the match with a rana and hit several offensive corner clotheslines before being stopped with a boot to the face. Romero with another rana for a near fall and tagged in Ryan.  After a short double team exchange by Romero and Ryan, Rocky hit two knees right into Thatcher’s face and tagged in Joey who delivered a superkick while Thatcher is on his knees. This scored a fall of 1-0 for Ryan & Romero with 2:55 left. John tagged in and started an aggressive offense towards Ryan. Thatcher then tagged back in and looked to successfully land a crossarm breaker but Ryan made it to the ropes. After a tag, Oliver John brings much punishment to Ryan’s arm.  After seeing the 90 seconds left, Rocky used his one save attempt. Thatcher and John continue to destroy the arm and now Romero can’t save Ryan.  Joey gets close to the ropes and Thatcher hits an gutwrench suplex and back into the reverse armbar. Romero attempted to make another save with time running out leading to a DQ. 1-1 at the end of regulation and the match goes into overtime. Romero landed a flying knee on Thatcher at the bell and goes for the crossarm breaker. Ryan is tagged in and hits another superkick for a near fall.  Thatcher is able to tag John without Ryan noticing, he shoots Ryan into the ropes, drops down, and when Ryan goes over Thatcher he gets drilled with a powerslam for the three-count and the victory.


Match 6:  Johnny Gargano def. Adam Cole in the Race for the Ring Finals

With a 20-minute time limit established, Cole and Gargano got right down to business as the first 4 minutes which was highlighted by a series of counters as each competitor tried to hit a few of their signature maneuvers.  Gargano hit a great kick to Cole with both men on the mat, he followed up with double knees to the corner, but as he tries to take Cole across the ring he caught with the Florida Keys out of nowhere for the fall. Cole leads 1-0 with 14:20 left.  Gargano fought back with sudden strikes, then landing a running snake eyes drilling Cole into the middle buckle and following up with a kick to the head on the grounded Adam to tie the match with 12 minutes remaining.  Johnny, then on the turnbuckles looking for a big move, Adam swept him off the turnbuckles into a backbreaker and then drills him with a brainbuster over his knee to take a 2-1 lead with 10:30 left. Cole now with a headscissors to wear down Gargano and burn clock while forcing his opponent to carry his weight. Gargano fought his way up,and shot Cole to the other side, Cole grabs the ropes. Gargano chased him because he’s behind, Adam jumped back into the ring and tries to get the jump on Johnny.  Gargano ties it up at 2-2 with 8 minutes to go. Another series of great counters ended with Cole getting the figure four leglock and a tapout victory for a 3-2 lead with 6:44 to go.  Adam tried to charge him but is drilled with Johnny’s slingshot spear through the ropes for a near fall. Gargano then covered up to block a superkick.  Cole drilling a kick to the leg, both guys reversing moves until Gargano hits the full nelson slam for the fall that ties it up at 3-3 with 3:31 left. Cole keeps him at bay with a kick to the face with his good leg and gets Johnny back into the figure four. Gargano turns it over and Cole is forced to tap to the reversal because of his injured leg.  4-3 Gargano with 1:25 left. After being checked out by Les Thatcher to see if he can continue, Adam agrees that he can go on.  Cole goes for a suplex but Gargano drills his knee to the head counter. Cole goes for it again and as Gargano tries to counter with his knee Cole cinches his leg and hits a Fisherman Buster to tie it at 4-4 with 30 seconds left. The time expires and the opponents go into overtime. Adam hits a near fall to start overtime. The two men exchange an intense set of offensive and defensive maneuvers before Johnny drilled his full nelson slam for a near fall.  Cole hit a superkick to the face and a superkick to the back of the head. He hit his devastating Florida Keys, but due to his injured leg couldn’t secure the pin.  Gargano countered with the Rings of Saturn.  After Adam escaped, Gargano locked it in again as time ran out. Les Thatcher announced that this is the finals and we’re going until we have a winner. Double overtime then begins.  Both men get back on their knees throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other.  Gargano goes for his spear through the ropes and gets killed with a Superkick. Cole slams him down for a near fall.  Adam sets Johnny up for a Samoan Drop off the top and Gargano fights his way out with a sunset powerbomb and hit the double knees in the corner. After he hit the running Snake Eyes into the far corner, he hit a second running Snake Eyes for another near fall.  After the two men battle back and forth, Cole hits him with the Canadian Destroyer as Gargano struggles back to his feet. Cole hits Gargano with several headbutts. Cole drills Gargano with a superkick, Johnny immediately fires back with his own superkick. Both guys stagger and steady themselves and hit stereo superkicks on each other. Cole crumbles to the mat and Gargano crumbles on top of him for the fall.