Wrestling Cares October 12 Results – A Hall of Fame Worthy Show!

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Here are the results from our premier Race for the Ring Tournament on October 12th, at the VFW Post in Gardena, CA. Hosted by Scream Queen Daffney, with a surprise guest appearance by Hardcore Wrestling Legend Sabu, and featuring a salute to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, this quarter finals edition of the Race for the Ring tournament was an action packed and unforgettable night!

Before any of the action began, the Greek God Papadon was brought out to the ring. WCA’s Les Thatcher then announced to fans that Papadon’s opponent, Cassidy Riley would not be able to compete due to an injury. With this turn of events, Riley forfeited his place in the Race for the Ring and the Greek God would receive a bye for the evening. While he wished Riley a speedy recovery, Papadon started out on a rant claiming that Cassidy saved himself a worse injury by taking the night off.


After claiming that he would take on any opponent to give the fans what they paid to see, the New Age Punisher BBoy emerged from the crowd, oblivious to what was happening at ringside. After a small heated exchange between the two men, Papadon offers to take on BBoy. BBoy accepts. Thatcher confers with WCA President David Jackson, where they agree to put the match on the card.

Timothy Thatcher def. Drew Gulak 3-2

In this strong submissions match, the two opponents took one another to their limits. Thatcher started out strong in his attacks shooting for takedowns, however the more experienced Gulak caught him in a tight submission before the first minute mark. Thatcher hooked his opponent at four minutes, while Gulak struck back with a high angle suplex and followed up with a tight submission at the eight minute mark. With the score tied up, Thatcher reversed Gulak’s attempt at another submission, into a choke with 30 seconds left. As Gulak doesn’t tap to his opponent, his arm goes limp at with 10 seconds to spare and the referee ending the competition.



Katarina Leigh def. Taeler Hendrix


In this ladies’ Beat the Champ competition, Hendrix started off great start by gaining the first fall of the match. She then took control of the match when she went after Katarina. Only for Leigh to toss her off in an attempt and successfully tying up the score with a backbreaker. After Katarina takes a 2-1 lead from straining Taeler’s back and putting her in a tormenting leg hold. After Katarina sees Hendrix’s ailment, she continues to punish her, allowing the clock to wind down. After Katarina’s relentless back stomping, the WCA official calls off the match because Hendrix can no longer continue.



Steve Anthony def. Kyle Matthews 1-0


Anthony immediately grabs his opponent and rams him into the guardrail. Barely beating the count, Anthony attempts to take Matthews with a throw after he gets in and Kyle escapes from his opponent’s grasp. In complete control, Steve went for a cannonball, only to meet the canvas. Matthews’ comes back with a vicious rear headlock into a twisting DDT for a near fall. Anthony was a step ahead of Matthews when he caught him with a hard kick. Matthews almost captures a victory when he reverseed a superplex into a top rope powerbomb. After a series of offensive maneuvers, Anthony lands the first fall of a match sitting down on a sunset flip attempt with 30 seconds left. He escapes Matthew’s pin fall attempts as time runs out and is declared the victor.



Greek God Papadon def. BBoy


The New Age Punisher opened up strong in this special attraction match. This competition isn’t a part of the Race for the Ring tournament, as WCA brass. Even though BBoy exuded confidence, the Greek God was one step ahead when he switched up an offensive maneuver and hit a brainbuster to pin the southern California favorite for the victory.



Oliver John def. Brandon Gatson


In this non tournament special attraction John brought his A-game to the Certified Tough Guy. Early on he took advantae of Gatson’s arm. As Gatson took control and went to the ropes for a handspring elbow, John was a step ahead and suplexed Brandon in a belly to belly maneuver. After diving headbutt Oliver gets a near fall. John nearly decapitates Gatson with a merciless clothesline, but only gets a two-count from the pin. After a heated exchange of chops and offensive defense, both competitors were standing face to face, where the action picked up. As Brandon gained momentum, Oliver surprised everyone with a huge powerbomb and gained the three count.



Adam Cole def. Pepper Parks 3-2

After some good back and forth action Parks caught Cole by surprise and scored the first fall of the match. Cole immediately retaliated back with an aggressive clothesline and dropkick. In a surprise move, Pepper Parks gains another fall on Adam Cole. In control of the match, Pepper appeared to have the match won when Cole out of nowhere hit a brainbuster, making the score 2-1. After a few counters Adam ties the score at 2-2. Adam hits another superkick and suplex for another fall as the clock ran out.



Willie Mack def. Aaron Aguilera

In another special attraction match, Mack took on Aguilera with a fast start to the competition. Aaron slows down and starts to work on Willie’s arm, but Willie counters his opponent before anymore damage could be done. After a flying kick and twisting dropkick Mack gets a near fall. Aguilera gets Willie into a submission maneuver. As Mack gets out of the submission and Aguilera follows up with a torturous body splash, he gained a near fall. Firing back with an aggressive set of chops, Willie relentlessly fights back. Aaron cuts him off with a spinning back kick. After both opponents being nearly counted out for outside action, Mack hits his advisary with a powerful body bomb, for the win.



Johnny Gargano def. Adam Pearce 2-1 in OT

Pearce underestimated his opponent as he tried to bully Gargano. Not to be pushed around, Johnny fought back valiantly and ducked the follow me lariat, knocked Pearce down and hits him in the side of the head for the first pinfall of the match. Pearce took control over the course of a few minutes, but was unsuccessful to even the score. After another close pinfall, Pearce successfully hits his devastating his follow me lariat and evens the score, with five seconds left on the clock. After going into sudden death, Gargano gets the best of his opponent as he grapples Pearce into a figure four leg lock for the win in overtime. In the final quarterfinal match of the evening, Pearce and Gargano topped off the main event with an incredible finish.


Written by Brandi Mendez