David Jackson

WCA's David Jackson

David Jackson, WCA President

David has spent much of his professional career working with charities that benefit the arts. He has worked as the Development Director for a Community Arts Center serving the children of South Los Angeles. For two years, David served as the Assistant to the Managing Director at The Little Orchestra Society. He has also worked as an Assistant Development Director of Synchronicity Fine Arts of New York.

Highly dedicated to community improvement projects, David has worked with L.A.’s Inner City Education Foundation Summer Arts Program and the Ghana Free Community Library Project in West Africa. David has long believed in the power of the arts to help raise awareness of various causes and bring communities together. David now seeks to apply the same philosophy to professional wrestling. He has admired the efforts of other independent wrestling companies in aiding charities, but also believes these efforts should not be sporadic.

WCA's David Jackson and Les ThatcherTo ensure a high standard of quality for all of WCA’s live shows, David sought out and successfully recruited fabled expert trainer and creative producer, Les Thatcher. Les appreciating the ambition of WCA’s outreach, signed on to serve as its Director of Talent.

David pledges that every Wrestling Cares Association event will give 25% of ticket sales to raise funds for a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.