WCA’s Race for the Ring Kicks Off with a Boom (Boom)!

April 27, 2013 – The debut Wrestling Cares Association event at the Alexandria Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA makes a big impact in the worlds of pro wrestling and charity giving!

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Ring of Honor’s First Lady, the amazing Maria Kanellis was the ultimate hostess and kept fans engaged and enthralled from the red carpet to the ring.

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Emcee and ring announcer supreme, Larry Legend, made the trip all the way from NYC to be part of WCA.

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Kyle Matthews vs. Colt Cabana

Cabana and Matthews battled back and forth through the 10:00 minute time limit and forced a 3:00 minute overtime.

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Cabana attempted to roll up Matthews, but Kyle using his incredible quickness, kicked up and drilled Cabana, rolling him up for the surprise win, with a final score of 2 falls to 1.

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Kyle Matthews advances to Round 2 in Race for the Ring. He returns to L.A. on August 17th.


Bobby Sharp vs. Drew Gulak

In a mat classic that had both competitors matching each other hold-for-hold, match number two saw Drew Gulak emerge victorious.

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Both men were tied, with under a minute remaining in regulation time,  Gulak locked in rear naked choke and Sharp was out. With no time left on the clock, Gulak wins 2 to 1.

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Drew Gulak moves on to Round 2. He’ll be back in the city of angels on August 17th.


Jamin Olivencia vs. Ryan Taylor

With Ryan Taylor substituting for Sami Callihan, Olivencia looked to be unprepared for his opponent. Taylor went ahead early and scored a fall with a German suplex into the Backlund bridge. Jamin responded by scoring with his signature impaler DDT.

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In the end, Olivencia picked apart Taylor’s offense and scored twice with a series of kneelifts and a flying elbow, finishing the match and moving on in the Race for the Ring by a score of 3 to 1.

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Jamin Olivencia proved too much for the former EWF champ on this night, he returns to L.A. for Round 2.


Davey Richards vs. Kyle O’Reilly

In an early candidate for Match of the Year honors, Richards and O’Reilly put on a clinic of wrestling excellence. Aggressive striking, dangerous high risk attacks, and lethal submission holds were all on the menu as both men pushed each other to the brink.

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A tie score of 1-to-1 forced the overtime period which saw neither O’Reilly or Richards able to score another fall. This match ended in a tie, meaning both competitors are eliminated from Race for the Ring.

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Pepper Parks vs. Vordell Walker

Both Parks and Walker went nose to nose to start the match, and kept that tone going throughout.  They went back and forth with several hard hitting spots. The action saw Vordell score first by getting a submission.

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Pepper Parks got back into the match by scoring a pin via a textbook Fisherman’s suplex, then followed it up with a daring top rope neckbreaker to take a commanding 2-1 lead. In the end, Vordell looked to score again with a series of submission attempts, but Parks held out for time to expire. Pepper Parks wins 2 to 1. Parks advances in Race for the Ring.

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L.A. gets a second dose of life and fitness advice from the guru Pepper Parks on August 17th.


B-Boy vs. Jeff McAllister

McAllister looked to upset the California native B-Boy in his return to L.A. B-Boy, ever the aggressor, scores early with a stiff shining wizard to go up 1 to 0. Jeff McAllister strikes back by locking in a Texas Cloverleaf for a submission score.

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With time counting down, B-Boy hits a huge Kryptonite Krunch and takes the lead. With seconds left, McAllister surprised B-Boy with a corssface, but time expires as B-Boy holds on to take the victory, 2 to 1.

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B-Boy rides back into L.A. on August 17th for Round 2 of Race for the Ring.


Steve Anthony vs. Caprice Coleman

The air-defying match of the evening saw Coleman using his speed and finesse to keep the larger Anthony, off balance. Steve Anthony proving too much for Caprice in the early going, swatting away Coleman’s Rana attempt from the top, Anthony hits his signature 450 splash to go up 1 to 0.

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The action spilled out on to the floor with the back-and-forth leading to Caprice attempting a high flying move from the apron, but hitting his head on a ballroom chandelier, sending crystal debris everywhere. Coleman looked caught off guard by the chandelier hazard, and could get back into the match as time expired. Steve Anthony gets the shut out with a score of 1 to 0.

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Louisiana’s King of Flight, Steve Anthony will be back in L.A. on August 17th for Round 2.


Adam Cole vs. Tony Nese

The final match of the evening saw the action go to the floor early, as Nese and Cole battled on the outside in the first 2:00 minutes. Nese took a high risk with a dive, and Cole made him pay for it by landing a kick as Nese was on the way down. Cole scores first with a pinfall.

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Nese went on the defensive, but was able to respond at the 9:00 minute mark with a vicious powerbomb into the corner followed by an impressive powerslam for the 3-count and the tie.

Cole attempts to recover and locks in a Figure 4 with under 00:30 seconds remaining. Nese holds on as time expires to force the overtime.

In overtime, Cole was the aggressor for most of the 3:00 minutes, continuing to work on the leg. Nese shows a lot of fire reversing all of Cole’s assaults on the leg, and nearly takes the match with a huge superkick and back suplex combo. Cole manages to kick out then gets Nese down for the Figure 4 attempt again, only this time Nese counters into a pin, but Cole counters right back and gets the 3. Adam Cole wins in overtime, 2 to 1.

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Adam Cole continues his record of winning excellence in California, he moves to Round 2 in Race for the Ring, on August 17th.

Of course, the best highlight of the night was WCA, with help from Maria, presenting a $1000 check to the Scott Schwartz Foundation. The donation made entirely possible by the support of the fans at the show. Schwartz gave a really nice speech thanking the fans, the promotion and Les Thatcher, David Jackson and Nigel McGuinness. A good moment for wrestling, and a great moment for Wrestling Cares.

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The incredible action of round 1 in Race for the Ring continues on Saturday, June 29th at the VFW Post 3261 in Gardena. Tickets on sale now!