WCA meets EWF

Les Thatcher gives EPWT seminar to the School of Hard Knocks!

Wrestling Cares Association paid a visit to the School of Hard Knocks in San Bernardino, CA to introduce the Athletes Give Back Tournament concept to the advanced students and future stars of the Empire Wrestling Federation.

WCA meets the EWF - Group photo

EWF owner and wrestling legend Jesse Hernandez along with Empire Wrestling manager and former wrestler Eric Anderson, joined WCA’s resident wrestling legend, Les Thatcher, in putting the aspiring stars of EWF through the paces in an intense training session.

Les gave all of the School of Hard Knocks students his critically-acclaimed and intensive EPWT training drills and in-ring workout regimen to awe-inspiring results. By the end of their workout, many of the students proclaimed that they had learned many new methods of training that they never thought of before.

Les Thatcher training some up and coming superstars

All of the students at the School of Hard Knocks were very appreciative of the tips and trade secrets that Les Thatcher was on-hand to show them and all were eager to be a part of Wrestling Cares Association’s AGB Tournament in 2013.

WCA will proudly fly the banner of Empire Wrestling Federation, Southern California’s longest-running independent company at the first annual Athletes Give Back Tournament.

Many thanks to Jesse Hernandez, Eric Anderson, and the EWF for welcoming Wrestling Cares to Southern California!