Scott L. Schwartz – All For the Kids

Hollywood’s ultimate bad guy joins with WCA

SLSStoryPic1As one of the world’s most notorious bad guys on the silver screen, Scott L. Schwartz has spent a lot of his time looking ferocious and kicking butt in our favorite movies and television shows. Whether in memorable roles like the hard-nosed Bruiser in Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13, or a terrifying vampire monster in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scott has made us tremble, laugh and jump from our seats.

But when he’s not busy making the hero’s life difficult on-screen, Scott sheds his bad guy image and uses his free time to help make a difference in children’s lives.

Since losing his sister to lung cancer in 1998, Scott realized the value and impact in making a lasting impression on children with cancer. During Scott’s interaction with the doctors that were treating his sister, they advised him that cancer patients’ spirits be must be lifted to aid in the treatment of this tragic disease.

Scott has spent the last 15 years doing just that. In starting his own Children’s Foundation, Scott took it upon himself to care for and brighten the spirits of every child fighting cancer that he visits across the country.

Before starting the Foundation, Scott had previous experience visiting many sick children in hospitals during his Professional Wrestling career. As Joshua Ben-Gurion, in the ring he struck fear in his opponents, but outside of the squared circle, Scott made valuable use of his time, breaking “kayfabe” to forge meaningful connections with kids fighting illnesses, long before most Professional Wrestlers began to use their fame from the ring to help important causes.

Scott is incredibly knowledgeable about charity organizations, and has held positions of the Board of Directors for Santa’s Gift and Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! The Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation has established a long track record of supporting important causes to help kids. In 2011 and 2012 alone, the Foundation helped raise over $100,000 in donations for great charities like Alicia’s House, helping to feed the those in need.

In 2012 during the holiday season, Scott teamed up former Chicago Cubs pitcher Milt Pappas, along with charity organizations Alicia’s House Food Pantry and Toys for Tots to give out toys and food to smiling kids who, thanks to Scott and his charity partners, received good cheer and uplifted spirits during the holidays that they very much needed.

Scott has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of invaluable organizations like Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), which specializes in the treatment of cancer in children. On April 27th, with the help of the great Southern California-area wrestling fans, Scott joins Wrestling Cares Association in raising funds for CHOC on behalf of the Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation, continuing a tradition of raising money and awareness for great causes.

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