Race For The Ring June 29, 2013 – Did WCA Put on a Great Show?!

WCA 6-29 Cover Photo Pic 1


Match 1: (Race for the Ring Alternates Match) Timothy Thatcher vs Oliver John

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A technical wrestling clinic that saw “Old School” Ollie John score in the first 5 minutes. John looked like he injured his leg at the 8 minute mark allowing Timothy Thatcher to attack like a shark and score the submission. The first match ends up in Sudden Death Overtime where Thatcher, the aggressor, keeps up the attack and gets a second submission out of John. As McGuinness would say, in extra time Thatcher gets him in the center for tap. Tim Thatcher wins 2-1.

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Match 2: Willie Mack vs Brandon Gatson

WCA 6-29 Match 2 Pic 1

Brandon starts fast and aggressive but Willie grinds him down using his size. Willie overpowers the injured Gatson for the first pinfall. Gatson fights from behind and takes to the air, hitting Willie with a big move from the top and tying the score. Gatson sensing victory goes for his version of the armbar but Willie reverses into a frightening powerbomb, and pins Gatson for the lead. With time running out, Brandon tries to score a last minute fall, but can’t get it. Willie Mack advances 2-1.

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Match 3: Drake Younger vs DJ Hyde

WCA 6-29 Match 3 Pic 1

In a brutally hard-hitting match. DJ Hyde hits Drake with everything but the kitchen sink, and then hits him with a Lariat, not once, not twice, but three times, for good measure to score an early fall. Drake struggles to stay alive and finally uses his speed to escape and inhuman strength to ‘plex the Hyde juggernaut for the equalizing fall at 7 minutes in. With the score tied, time running out, and showing frustration at the resilience of Younger, DJ Hyde pushes the referee, leading to a point awarded to Drake for disqualification. An outraged DJ Hyde tries to dispute the DQ, but time runs out as he complains to the ref. Drake Younger beats his former boss 2-1. Drake moves on in Race for the Ring.

WCA 6-29 Match 3 Pic 5



Match 4:  Antonio Thomas vs Alex Reynolds

WCA 6-29 Match 4 Pic 1

Reynolds uses his natural agility to slip through Thomas’ guard to score the first quick fall. Thomas keeps his head in the match, wears down Reynolds with his wrestling ability and gets a submission seven minutes in. Keeping on the attack, Thomas applies the same submission for a second fall at eight minutes. Thomas tries for third time but Reynolds hits a big move out of nowhere to tie things up at the 9:30 mark. In overtime, Reynolds comes out of the gate sprinting with nearfalls on Antonio, until “The Promise” Thomas reverses into the same submission that got him to the OT for a third fall. Antonio Thomas wins 3-2 in Sudden Death.

WCA 6-29 Match 4 Pic 5



Match 5: (Non tournament tag match) The Fallen Empire vs Lethal Logan & JJ Steele

WCA 6-29 Match 5 Pic 1

The experienced duo of Ryan Taylor and Mondo Vega started off cocky and cut the ring in half beating down Logan X 2-on-1. Logan finds a way to his corner and tags JJ Steele. JJ brings the power off of the hot tag flooring Taylor and going after Mondo. But in the end, Ryan Taylor catches JJ off-guard and scores the pin. Everyone Falls to the Empire. The EWF’s favorite team, crash the party and score the victory over MPW’s Finest.

WCA 6-29 Match 5 Pic 5



Match 6: BJ Whitmer vs Shaun Tempers

WCA 6-29 Match 6 Pic 1

BJ Whitmer starts off as the aggressor, tries for a series of submissions, Tempers fights out, but BJ keeps on him and gets the tap at 2 minutes. Tempers takes a powder outside and an eight count, twice. BJ follows him out. Tempers uses his smarts and takes over when the action gets back in the ring and scores the equalizing fall with a big move at the 7:00 minute mark. BJ recovers and changes his plan to bring his power game, and brings out some big arsenal moves to get winning fall before time expires. BJ Whitmer looks strong in his tournament win 2-1.

WCA 6-29 Match 6 Pic 5



Match 7: Adam Pearce vs Adam Page

WCA 6-29 Match 7 Pic 1

In a match that saw created some controversy, Adam Pearce dominated the opening minutes. Overpowering Page and adding insult to injury by wearing Page’s trademark trucker’s cap. Young Adam Page comes back and shocks everyone in the building when he goes up on the former World Champion 2-to-0. Pearce furious starts arguing with the ref over the calls, and Page almost gets another fall. Pearce recuperates and comes off the ropes with the Lariat to score a point. Adam Page looking a little groggy, backpedals on the defensive with time on his side. But the bigger, stronger Adam Pearce finds an opening on Page and hits a second Lariat. This one, send the young competitor crashing to the canvass, unable to stand. The Referee stops the match due to potential concussion. Adam Page gets helped to the back by officials. Crap Iron Adam Pearce wins by technical knockout. He advances in the Race for the Ring.

WCA 6-29 Match 7 Pic 6



Match 8: Johnny Gargano vs Chase Stevens

WCA 6-29 Match 8 Pic 1


The last match of the night turned out to be a record breaker. Gargano and Chase set the record for most falls in a Race for the Ring Match. Johnny Gargano is now also the leading point scorer in WCA with 4 falls in a single match. The action started fast with Gargano using his innovative offense, he catches a shocked Stevens with the first fall at 1:00 minute. Chase comes back with an innovative powerslam for the equalizing fall at two minutes. Gargano thunders back and goes up 2-1 with double stomp at six minutes. Gargano keeps pouring on the offense and gets another fall at 7:00 minutes. Gargano tries for another fall but gets caught with high knee and German Suplex to bring Chase back 3-2.  Stevens uses a power-based offenses and rocks Gargano with a big move for the tie at 9:00 minutes. Chase goes for the same move again, but Gargano slips over and rolls Stevens up right before time expires to get the pinfall and the win. Johnny Gargano squeaks by the multi-time world tag champ Chase Stevens, 4-3.

WCA 6-29 Match 8 Pic 6

That’s all from the VFW Post in Gardena. Happy 4th of July! See you in August for Round 2!

Written by Brandi Mendez