All Roads Lead to the Alexandria!

Wrestling Cares Hosts Action-Packed Benefit Show for the Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation…

Save the date – Saturday, April 27th!

It all happens at the Wrestling Cares Association’s first mega-event at the Alexandria Ballrooms on 501 S. Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles!

Don’t miss your chance to watch the biggest stars of pro wrestling in an intimate venue where you’ll be closer to your favorite stars like never before!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Colt Cabana, Davey Richards, Sami Callihan, Adam Cole and a parade of wrestling’s best and brightest talents!

Don’t miss your shot to see professional wrestling as you’ve never seen it before! With scoreboards! WCA makes the action as fast-paced and competitive as it can get!

Don’t miss the moment when you can help raise money for kids in need!

The Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation brightens the days of countless children who are battling cancer. Wrestling Cares makes you the fundraiser for a great organization that brings joy and relief to young people who need it most.

Whatever you do, don’t miss this event! Come to the Alexandria Ballrooms on 501 S. Spring Street in Downtown L.A. on April 27th! Witness history being made at the biggest party of the wrestling new year!

Tickets start at just $25 bucks! Limited seating available. Act now!